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Aptamers have many attributes that make them suitable for target validation. They bind with high affinity and also exhibit a degree of specificity that allows them to distinguish between closely related molecules, and their application can greatly enhance the process of target validation and drug development. Theaptamer technology is thus well-suited to addressing the growing demand for high-throughput analysis and functional validation of potential drug targets. An important benefit of this technology is the recent development of rapidly identifying these sophisticated ligands for almost any target molecule in multi-parallel, automated workstations.

Numerous examples have shown the potency of aptamers in modulating the function of proteins in cell-based and in vivo models. The technology is complementary to genetic knockout or siRNA approaches as it provides highly valuable information at the proteomic level. In addition, the aptamer technology has recently been extended to developing aptamer drugs and identifying functionally equivalent small molecule leads.

We have identified a various of aptamers, from agonist, antagonist, sensitizer, to neutral binder. We provide an innovative and convenient aptamer ligands identification and functionalization service to enhance your process of target validation and drug development. On a contract basis we can offer a package type service from aptamer preparation to cell based functional assay to them. We can also do service just providing aptamers for your in-house study.

Contact us with your project details and let us offer you turn-key solutions from?aptamer?development to ligand identification.

A series of IR aptamers created at Aptsci showed profiling as agonist /sensitizer (20%), antagonist (50%) and neutral binder (30%) triggering the pAKT signaling cascade. Among of them, some IR aptamer can significantly increase level of AKT phosphorylation in cells as an agonist. Some IR aptamer cannot change level of AKT phosphorylation in cells as a neutral binder. Scientists at Aptsci also observed a novel antagonistic aptamers that can decrease level of AKT phosphorylation in cells as an antagonist. As described above, the ability to generate agonists represents an important application for next generation aptamers.

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